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      Vet pedaal, niet in formaat, wel in sound! ;) Heel stevig gebouwd. Knopjes zijn wat klein maar prima te bedienen. Er was nog 1 plekje over op mijn floorboard,.......Deze is nu meer dan volwaardig ingenomen.
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      Ik gebruik deze als boost & overdrive. Als ik zachtjes aansla is het die extra boost die ik fijn kan inzetten. Met iets meer gain en wat feller spelen is dit een hele fijne overdrive die net weer even anders/frisjes klinkt vergeleken met zijn vele grotere en duurdere broertje op mijn vloer-plank.


Productnummer: LEF-302B 39,95

"Hot" and "Warm" two tone mode. The hot model provides a more powerful full tone. 'Warm' sounds smooth and sweeter, makes the tone performance more dynamic and distinctive. For all over drive pedals, tube screamer is always the over load and the incentive effect of standard. Various versions of replicas are bewildering variety of choice for customers in the market now, which timbre is loyal to the tube screamer style. The outstanding medium frequency makes it suitable to play the traditional blues. The hot model can be a very good interpretation of rock n roll as well. The speaker distortion will become plump and smooth with the boost on .special and sweet sounds can be made with the delay added.



two models: reproduce the classical electronic overdrive with plump, warm and sweet effect

enlarging the output to get the tightened electro-magnetically sound.

Whole aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong.

True bypass provide transparent tone.

LED indicator shows the working state.